Friday, May 22, 2020

When You Just Sit Back and Wonder, "How Did They Know?"

A Case in Point

The Readers Digest  June edition arrived two days ago and, as always, my lazy ass was delighted.  Huh?  Longtime readers will remember that I help myself to any of the jokes that strike me as funny and run them here.  In professional circles, this is called "laundry list" writing.

A new feature popped up called, "The Military to English Dictionary."  It intrigued.  Last night, the grand finale Jeopardy question was what is a name for a worthless metal used to refer to big shots in the Army?   Deep thought for a moment after digesting the fact that the two Army mentions had been back-to-back and the realization that "What is Brass?" was the answer.  I remarked to Richie, I betcha they don't use "snafu"  Situation Normal All Fucked Up.  I was right again.  Brass.

The Military-to-English Dictionary (Thefts)

Flight suit insert - the pilot   

Football bat - an odd way to do something

Galloping dandruff - lice.  (Eeeyu!)  ((In today's modern Army?))

Geardo - obsessed about his/her gear

Oxygen thief - someone who talks way too long

Five-sided puzzle palace - the Pentagon

Go fasters - trainers or sneakers

Ink stick - pen  I particularly liked this one as it is so aptly descriptive. 

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