Thursday, May 21, 2020

Finally - A Note of (Limited) But Cheer Nonetheless

I am referring to a daily feature in the Daily Breeze newspaper.  Among the page full of comprehensive statistics a new category has been entered.  Sample -

Country       Cases       Deaths     RECOVERIES
US          1,539,152      92,583        289,392

U.K.        250,141         35,422      1.101

France     180,934         28,052      62,681

Additional categories are:  Cases/100K  4,704
Death rates  6.0
New deaths  1,589   These are the numbers for the US

For all too long grim dispatches arrived on our screens "11 People will die every 15 minutes!"   The wonderful news coverage stopped just short of "We're all going to die!" which is hardly encouraging or most likely true.

Source:   Jeff Goertzen, Southern California News Group  His e-mail is  For myself, am mentally composing a letter of gratitude for including Recoveries.  Previously I was reduced to speculation - 100 cases, 5 died, but 95 DID NOT.  And I wondered what did happen to them?  Now we know!

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