Sunday, May 24, 2020

Two New Discoveries

A new bunch of movies - "Johnny English" traveled across our TV screen last night and the adventures of a James Bond-like spy was a parody and very funny as one.  Rowan Atkinson starred in this one (there are three with hopes of a fourth).  His leaping, jumping, physical comedy days may be numbered as he is 65 now.

He's been married twice - #1 was a make-up artist and they had two children.  His wife #2 is a fellow comedian and together they have a third child.

In  this scene with a pretender to The Throne - being sworn in as King, English claimed that the "king" was dissing the entire royal family because he had this tattooed across his butt, and English insisted on proving it by disrobing him  ( literally, flipped up the coronation robes and pulled down the tighty whities underneath) to show this immortal phrase on his butt  "Jesus is coming!  Look busy!" Nice fit on the tighty  whities.

We ordered and got dinner out/in last night.  The bill had the handwritten name Morfy on it to distinguish our order by name from others.  

In another restaurant, we were designated as "Merfie."

The proper spelling is Murphy.  

The restaurants in the event you have a name that can easily be messed with - or not so easily- are,in order: 
Spumani, Italian but entirely staffed with Mexicans including the chef and dandy he is in that kitchen, too.  

Last night Madero's Cocina Mexicana.  Mexican-owned and staffed.  We had their guacamole - rough cut, and absolutely packed into a good-sized container plus splitting a coctel de camarones (shrimp cocktail) with chopped tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, Clamato and shrimp, making a much thicker sauce than the usual broth. And the grande finale - Bacon-wrapped shrimp, stuffed with Jack jalapena cheese.  Five enormous shrimp, bacon well done and a chunk of lemon to quick - sauce it.  portions were so generous that we're having the rest of last night's dinner tonight and I bet we have leftover guacamole AND shrimp cocktail tomorrow night!  I said, "Generous portions!" And reasonable prices - guacamole that would feed four $10; ditto coctel de camerones $15 and bacon-wrapped shrimp $21 plus rice and bean choice of refried or black.  
There's no reason, now I think of it, to hold off on the guac until dinner time … 10:38 a.m. is just an early lunch; perfectly legal ...  

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