Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Incredibly Useful Watermelon

Long a summertime favorite watermelon has shifted gears a little and can now claim all sorts of benefits to the humans eating it - But, what ho?  In today's world (aka Trader Joe's) it is now formulated as the Watermelon Overnight Facial Mask.  It's a gel, slapped on your shiny clean little face at night and left to percolate so to speak overnight when you can expect to see a new rosy pink complexion in the morning.  Or so tis claimed.  $6.99

Watermelon Facial Mist to cool you down at the beach (if you can find an open beach) and can be used copiously.  "Mist" sounds cooling without even having to BE cooling.  But TJ swears by it.  I would bet it's equally as useful on a plane.  $3.99

Organic Watermelon Fruit Spread made up of 60 per cent puree, cane sugar, and a bit of cherry juice for "tart."  Try a dollop on a dish of vanilla ice cream or slathered on a dainty slice of cheesecake.  10 oz., $2.69

I would think yellow watermelon would be a great barbecue show-stopper.  It has the normal green rind covering the yellow meat of this type of watermelon.  Picture it - Sicily 1912 - oops, the Golden Girls are not hawking any watermelon that I've ever seen.

Instead:  the barbecue is going great guns, rib bones in neat little piles … and the great moment when an innocent-looking green watermelon is about to be cut - and onlookers gasp - "A YELLOW watermelon?  Is that okay to eat?"  "Yes, it is," you coo, and hand them the knife.  That's what I'm going to be shopping for - I think it's cool.  I mean the Japanese already grow square melons in glass jars.  Clearly there is potential for this popular summer treat.   It is said to have a honey-like flavor.

What next for the humble watermelon?  We live to find out.

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