Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Distressing Day in Show Biz

When the Magic Died
Roy, the other half of Siegfried and Roy who worked as magicians exclusively with endangered animals, most notably Manticore, a seven year old white tiger who attacked Roy in 2003 on stage at the Mirage.  In the ambulance taking Roy to the hospital, he said, "Manticore is a great cat - make sure that that no harm comes to him."  Talk about turning the other cheek!

Roy, born Uwe Ludwig  Horn, was born in 1944 in Germany, and died of coronavirus-related effects age 75.

Good Golly Miss Molly
Little Richard, born as Richard Wayne Penniman died age 87.  One of his original girlfriends was Audrey Robinson when he met her as a 16 year old college student.  She later changed her name to Lee Angel and (I quote this exactly) "became a stripper and socialite." I sure would like to see me one of those...

In interviews, he said that he wore extensive (some would say "garish" ) make up because:  he didn't want white guys thinking he was after their women.   Wikipedia notes about him, that in his early years he became a voyeur who compelled various friends and girlfriends to pick up amorous couples who let him watch their antics in the back seat of his car.

RIP gentlemen.

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