Tuesday, May 5, 2020

"Privacy? Oh, that thing that we used to have before the virus?"

For a long time, avid mystery novels have featured scenes where the good guys try to locate the psychos and serial killers by asking the cell user's provider to turn on the "finder" in the phone to locate the miscreant.  Rather incredibly, this is covered by Senate Bill (SB) 1290, known casually as the Kelsey Smith Law.

Comes now the Thermal Solution, a heat seeking device that can instantly diagnose the virus based on the person's body heat.  It is being tested at  Stonehill Towers, an apartment complex in  a suburb of Boston.   Tenants must pass the 5 or 6 second test - think airport security and the Step Inside booth - after removing their hat and glasses.  If their temperature is higher than 100 degrees, an alarm sounds and presumably the virus police swoop down like mighty eagles and what?  Ban you from going into to your own home?  haul your feverish butt off to an ER?   False positive must be frequent because do they consider what you might have been doing before you got home?  Finished your five mile run?  Did you  ride your bike longer than a half hour?  Just climb out of bed with your personal trainer?

Thermal Solution seems designed for industrial use, but there are a number of single operator devices for use on a more personal level.  "Oh Maude is  this is your invitation's Plus One?  Step over here, sir, by the bar I just want to run this wand over you.  (ha ha) no we're not flying anywhere this evening!"    

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