Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to all!
If you're a kid, may your treat bag burst with goodies
If you're an adult, may all the kids hit a different street than yours...

A New Beginning/New Adventures

The bridge behind me blew up with a satisfying WHOMP! The bulldozer came and turned over the soil; then the seeder cov ered the field in salt. Goodbye to Journals @

Now I stand in the doorway to my new digs -- not bad! The walls are painted a soft pink; blonde hardwood flooring -- Great! My "kneeler" chair will roll with the same ease...Crisp, white curtains at the wide window -- there's a round mirror, framed in wickerwork, that reflects the avocado tree outside. If it has fruit, canI help myself or do I have to ask someone? have to find out ...

Yes, I think I can settle in here quite nicely. Onward!