Friday, March 26, 2021

Back Soon

Cast off April 2nd  -  then whoopee! 

Monday, March 22, 2021

A Modest Invention

Patent Pending for the soon to be world-famous Ice Pack You Drink After It Gets Warmer

As with many things in this old world it's simple; it involves materials found in many households.  (Certainly ours)  One can of icy-cold Pacifico (beer).  In this case perfect for broken fingers.  The can fits agreeably in the palm.  

Good results are felt immediately.  There is no waste because you can drink the beer and while you do that, apply a second beer to your palm.

I recommend it.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Out patient Surgery

Next Tuesday 3/23  1 p.m.  Repair via  outpatient surgery

2 broken fingers right or dominent hand 

Index and middle finger/  yes, that one.  

Splint right now, post-opp splint for a month or so; back to normal

Ran  around this a.m.  doctor's appt, then for EKG and blood work.  Waiting for call back to get Covid rapid test.

It's NAP TIME    and I'm going to take one!   Stay well yourselves, heah?

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Back Soon

 Cast tomorrow   THEN I can  type  Hurray!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Timely Greeting Card

Imagine the delight a friend would get from this greeting card:

"You're on our minds and in our hearts

You're in our wishes, too - 

We wish you peaceful gentle hours

Each time we think of you,

And because you mean so much to us

We're hoping that you know

We're sending our encouragement

within this warm hello "

Thank you readers

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Great Entertainment - Very Local!

We have "funny houses" out here in Southern California.  The bedrooms and full bathroom live on the first floor and the second floor houses the kitchen, dining room and living room.   We both have favorite chairs.  Richie's is a recliner, shared with Streak our 20 year old cat.  She's a recliner junky.

Mine is an armchair that gives a sweet view of the trees in the back yard through the redwood lattice work fence- an old and fully grown avocado tree (brag here; I grew it from the pit.)  The other big tree has little red berries on it and is h u g e.  I would like to set fire to it and cover where it once was with salt.

The balcony is often host to various creatures:

The hummingbirds have a feeder and hanging flower pots; the odd squirrel passes through and takes one bite of avocdado which ruins it for the rest of us.   Fat Sparrow still hasn't learned that his/her beak is too small to feed from the hummingbird feeder (and never will be.)  But valiantly she/he presses on.  The hummingbirds don't mix it up with Fat Sparrow and  all live in harmony.  

Most recently we had a rat paying calls, but since we now never put out food; (bread crusts) we see him no more.   Fred, our seven year old cat has learned when to expect Ratty and goes to a prime viewing spot until the rat takes off. 

My chosen spot for sitting features a good view of a beautiful Fan Palm Tree"  In the slightest wind, it dips and straightens; comes back and does it all again.  It is absolutely hypnotizing.  

All together, we have a lot to see right off of our balcony.  And hope you do as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

May We Have Our Libraries Back?

 Editor, Daily Breeze:

There are a great many more attendees at a Dodger game than there ever will be in a library.

Sincerely, Nina Murphy

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Liar Who Lies About Lying

In last night's Oprah Special on Prince Harry and his wife Me-Again I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Oprah did everything but suck Me-Again's toes.  Truly, I'm telling you a Super Sucker Hoover sucks up less. 

Now I understand why I never watched Oprah.

Maybe sucking up pays off in Oprah's ratings as there was a surfeit of giggles.)  They winked and nodded just like in high school.  Occasionally they practiced their acting chops by turning on the "Serious" dial.  

To endear herself (futile in so many circles) Me-Again told an oh-so-cute anecdote about her first days  being introduced to The Firm (the royals call themselves that)  Harry was bringing to meet his grandmother, and Oh!  Horrors!  No one had bothered to show her how to curtsy!  She didn't know anything about it!  Sarah, Duchesse of York had to run out of the castle to the driveway and teach her.

Oprah was being shown around the couple's chicken coop - Chick Inn Hens.  She graciously said  she and Harry wanted to live "authentic lives."  Huh?  Live in a $13 million Santa Barbara mansion and keep chickens.  Yep Chicky that's pretty damned authentic.  She went on to say, "I just love to rescue things." 

Among other loathsome traits I counted four times she used "sharing."  For that alone, she has to die.

Stealing a page from Princess Diana' playbook, she threatened Harry with suicide because no one liked her.  She was not being protected.  Incidentally "protection" fluttered all the way through this dismal exercise in bad taste. 

British social columnist Piers Morgan dubbed  the whole "The Whine-a-Thon.

When Harry joined the party I  sat up straighter to see if they would slobber all over each other as they usually do.  They didn't.  She just gave him the look* and threw a glance at Oprah.  The look said "Aren't men funny?  We rule!"

The look"  Well known by misbehaving husbands; held in reserve by hellbent wives. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

From Jay's Actual Facts I Didn't Make Up" Column

 Mona Lisa Had Men's Bathroom Privilege's

By the time King Francis I of France ascended to the throne, he was a great fan of Leonardo Da Vinci who was celebrated as the First  Painter, Architect AND Mechanic of the King.  

Leonardo died in 1779 and for reasons known only to himself, King Francis I hung it in his indoor privy.

The game of poker didn't come about until the 18th century, but Mona saw the first royal flush.

A friend asked if it was a party pooper.

I have no idea. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Do Things Really Comes in Threes?

Thurs.  3/5/21

Here is the first "Thing".    We were dining at Spumoni, the very good Italian restaurant, corner of Prospect and Aviation.  The waiter had just brought us each a glass of red - Cab for Richie and a lovely Pinot Grigio for me.  We made purring noises and while so engaged, didn't notice what had to be Daddy and his beautiful little daughter standing just inside the open door to the patio where regulations say we  must eat.  Civilized dining - inside - is still forbidden. 

The four of his exchanged some light conversation and it evolved that the little girl - maybe five or six - was going to or coming from dancing class at the other end of the parking lot not far from Big Lots.  

Richie admired her fuchsia fleece Uggs and she said proudly, "I wear my toe shoes underneath them!"

Then the Dad signaled to her by tapping his wrist watch and they departed.  So arriving for class.

Our dinners came; we savored them and when the waiter zipped by we each ordered a second glass of wine.  He set them on the table and said, "Compliments of the gentleman and his little girl."  

We were gobsmacked to say the least.  Part of my horror could have been attributed to the fact that both of our wines were $13 each.  So - $26 for a pair of strangers.   Typically, I was exclaiming, "Oh my God, he didn't have to do that multiple times..  'Cause he didn't have to do anything; not even "Have a nice evening.   (to the waiter) Do you know him?"  He said he did and that he would give him my card and profuse  thanks.  Richie, said, "You know I think I've seen them before- a little boy, too - running his skateboard around in the parking lot.

"Yes, that was him," said the waiter.  I pulled out one of my business cards and stuck it  in with the bill. 

The waiter said he'd give it to him and I believe he will.  

Friday. 3/6/21

We were waiting for the light to change on PCH where Pier feeds into it.  A man came running up to the car waiving a take-home box - we were right in from of  a health food restaurant.  He was half-yelling, "Mai Tai Chicken!" shoving said box at my window.  I was startled and thinking what the hell'!  

Richie sensing free food, yelled at me, "Open your window!"  Set upon on two sides, I did, accepted the box (very cold)  The light changed and we turned left and headed home.    


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Reader's Digest Finall Delivers

Vet Signs  - 

I named my dog "Six Miles" so I can tell people I walk Six Miles every day

Dogs prepare you for babies; cats prepare you for teenagers

If  the earth was flat, cats would push everything off of it  (I'm talkin' to you Fred. 

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods.  They have not forgotten this.


I am not a nature fan so I include the following for other people who aren't canyon fans.  Especially those of us who are terrified of heights

SEQUOIA - There are bugs and stuff and they will bite you on your face

YELLOWSTONE - It's like a bigger version of Central Park (guess where they live) only with bears.

YOSEMETE Trees block views and too many grey rocks.

THE GRAND CANYON - a hole.  A very, very big hole

ISLE ROYALE No cell service and terrible Wi-Fi  (hmmm not the outdoors type, right?

DENALI - The bus stops 'way too often

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Origins ...

I got to wondering about the name origins of "Corona 19"  It turns out that in 2/11/2020 the World health Organization officially changed the name from Corona  2019 virus which became corona 19

Breaking it down further, CO - stands for "corona" (crown)

VI for virus and lastly 

D for Disease   

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March 2nd - Dr. Seuss' Birthday If...

He hadn't died in 1991 at the age of 87.  Cards would have been addressed to Theodore Seuss Geisel, his birth name however he was nicknamed "Ted."

He was an energetic man - a children's author, political cartoonist, poet, animator. film maker.  He wrote 60 childrens  books and sold 600 million of them.  He lived well in La Jolla and on his death from oral cancer his ashes were put in the Pacific Ocean.  

When he wasn't doing all the other stuff, he was having an affair with the woman who would become is second wife.  First wife Helen Paumer committed suicide.  She had symptoms of Guillame-Barre.  They had married in 1927  and were until she took an overdoes of prescription medicine at age 68 when the symptoms became full-blown.

His second wife Audrey had been previously married to to E Grey Dimond when both were medical students.  Audrey was 21 at the time.  She brought that couple's two daughters into "Ted's" life.  Dimond became the Dean of Cardiology at Kansas University.

As unlikely as it may seem, Seuss has two stars in the 6500 block of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  If you haven't got anything else to do today, maybe pedal over and leave a posy or two on them?  

Monday, March 1, 2021

What Was Being Written in the Yearbooks of 1959

The 1st name - Alfred Abrams - "Buddy"  Lavender  Caddy    A voice for the stage

The last listing - David Zupco - Singing is a favorite...where are those cheeseburgers?  "Hi"  

In Between :

Bonnie Sozio - a whiz with the paintbrush  laughing brown eyes .. petite and cute

Frank Sherman - Bad motorcycle   big eater   muscleman

Dana Schlaikjer -  You don't want to buy a magazine, do you?  

George Noonan - Party boy  loves tennis and pizza    egg-head

Richie Murphy  - Ship, ahoy (he was a clammer summers)  drives a cool car (he couldn't remember what this cool car was)   likes chicken and basketball.  

Carol Nalback   Off the road!  Here comes Carol!   Burns up the dance floor   likes basketball and pizza

Don't hesitate to volunteer what your yearbook gems were.