Thursday, March 4, 2021

Reader's Digest Finall Delivers

Vet Signs  - 

I named my dog "Six Miles" so I can tell people I walk Six Miles every day

Dogs prepare you for babies; cats prepare you for teenagers

If  the earth was flat, cats would push everything off of it  (I'm talkin' to you Fred. 

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods.  They have not forgotten this.


I am not a nature fan so I include the following for other people who aren't canyon fans.  Especially those of us who are terrified of heights

SEQUOIA - There are bugs and stuff and they will bite you on your face

YELLOWSTONE - It's like a bigger version of Central Park (guess where they live) only with bears.

YOSEMETE Trees block views and too many grey rocks.

THE GRAND CANYON - a hole.  A very, very big hole

ISLE ROYALE No cell service and terrible Wi-Fi  (hmmm not the outdoors type, right?

DENALI - The bus stops 'way too often

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