Friday, April 30, 2021

Saturday's Excitement

The Kentucky Derby!  Crazy hats on the ladies!  A poor competitor to Ascot in England but our own.  I'll be betting (50 cents) any gray horse that's running.  I loves me some gray horsies. 

Happy 88th Birthday Today - Willie Nelson!

Wishing you a happy one today where I believe you will be celebrating at your Luck Ranch  

Under the general heading of "Inquiring Minds Want to Know," Mr. Nelson drives a Mercedes Benz (year not given) powered by biodiesel made from French fries and similar.  It is reliable information that the interior of this poor car smells like the interior of a hamburger  joint.   Willie would possibly say, "Hey you're riding not walkin; aren't you?"  Straightforward, that's the kind of guy he is.

Back in the day, I worked for WHB-Radio and via them I was given tickets (row 10, center ) to a show he was doing in KC and I can testify he loves makin' music with his friends.  The normal stage time for the biggies was always 30 minutes;  Willie sat up straight and played for a solid 2 hours!  If music transcends the soul Willie's going to be with us for a long, long time - and God bless him.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Quirky Site -

 This site is greatly varied -today we visited Japan  where grade school-age kids stay 10- 15 minutes after school cleaning up their classroom -buckets, rags for the floors. Real down and dirty  I wonder how many American schools have that feature daily.  It occurred to me and perhaps you that this is a direct steal from country schools here in America when erasers were clapped together to get rid of chalk dust and this was considered a treat by the students.  And this practice has fostered very clean, tidy streets in their cities.  One is so clean that koi live in the waste canals. 

40 pictures of odd and unlikely places cats choose to sleep.  Crazy little devils.  But inventive.

There 23 people per vending machine on average and, further, you can buy your own vending machine which is cost effective - no employees, no payrolls..  

Public bathrooms often have a built in Baby Rack installed into the stall side wall for mothers who bring the kid into the stall with them.  

An interesting thought-provoking site - clearly I recommend it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Times Three

 That would be the first three times we had dinner "inside" - you know...memory refresher just in case.  You walk in, exchange a few courteous remarks with the receptionist, are subsequently seated; sit down, study the menu and - am sure you know how to eat (just a little joke.) 

The first for us was Madero's on PCH in Redondo.  On walking in we were asked "Inside or out?" and, thinking he was referring to the spacious patio where we have eaten, heat lamps and all and said, "Inside."  He promptly ushered us to our old table!  I couldn't believe it!  I was kvelling all over the  place in pure joy!

Next at bat was Hop Saint Brewery on 190th.  It was wooden tables and benches outdoors during The Ban On Living Right  But now the interior is back to normal -  banquets!  A wood side and a cushion running down the wall side.  The menu?  The same as ever as far as I could tell.  The deviled eggs still are garnished with pulled pork and a spear of leek.

And then came Tin Roof Bistro, but you've heard all about that. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Go-To Restaurant to take Arriving Passengers From LAX

And this would be Tin Roof Bistro (or as they now call themselves  TRB) in the Manhattan Beach Mall.  

They have a  sophisticated menu - carmalized Brussel Sprouts; in other words, "This ain't just a burger joint."  They do have A burger - the Smmzy created by the owner when it WAS a burger joint.  It is very juicy and And Richie always asks for extra napkins when he orders one.

The design of the restaurant is Napa Valley vineyards.  Which means  that all of the wait staff wears plaid shirts hanging out over snug britches.  This suggests to me that the well-clad vintner is cavorting through the rows and rows of grape vines smartly in plaid shirts and aprons. 

The place consists of a main dining room; a large patio - chairs on slate floors , heaters and out in front is a thin patio that runs along the front of the building.  All of the seating  is comfortable.

.The first time my sister and bro-in-law came out from Chicago,  I'd arranged with the late Bob Brodsky for him and his crew to take us out for a sail after lunch.  My sister was thrilled and got the biggest kick steering the boat from behind the great big wheel.  She could barely see over it and she is not short. 

Charlie and Rosalind flew out and their daughter was teaching that day so the four of us  dined  alone.  In the coming years, the population at any lunch varied.  From the two of them to seven, all family members.  Speaking of family, it's a hoot when there are a group of them,  "Well, Mrs. Murphy how are you today?"  "Well Mrs. Murphy. I am doing just fine, but poor Mrs. Murphy broke a toe last week." 

Favorites - soup and a half sandwich Charlie and Rosalind, Bob and Pat Brodsky. Jim Newman aka "Jimsie"

All of the vegetarian dishes  daughter and her sons  vegetarians

Pig and fig pizza (and that IS it's name on the menu) chunk-ed fancy bacon chunks. and dried-ish figs  Dynamite shrimp,  Napa Slaw with an avocado reduction.

When it's a bunch of us we get the hay pile French fries.  They come with a with a thick sauce  of blue cheese.  Everyone!  Greedy fingers fly  furiously! .  We almost always have to order more!  

Charlie and Rosalind pre-Covid19 came out twice a year- June for birthdays - both boys, Richie and C and R's anniversary  

January to escape the winter on Long Island. 

And always - From LAX to Tin Roof straight as an arrow.  


Sunday, April 25, 2021

It's Official!

Today I am older than a turtle and a couple of redwood trees!  And while I was  picking up on  this undeniable fact, I realize that:  the older you get, the fewer cards you receive,

Is this because many of the people in my age group use snail mail?  Must be so because when I logged on I had six e-birthday wishes this morning!  And all I had to do was  live to be as old as lying.

I share a birthday with Al Pacino.  It night amuse you to see with whom you share.  But know you won't get a card from them.  E or elsewise.  Have a great day anyhow.  I am.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Curb Sisters

The American Curb is not good at all for my younger sister and myself.  So I ask myself "Accident or enemy action?"  Recently you will remember if not sympathize when I took a tumble - score:  two broken fingers, one hairline fracture left patella. 

But this is my sister's tale of woe.  When she landed, apparently all of her weight was on her right knee because last night she reported that she'd broken it. And she doesn't weight much at all - never has.

She said she (somehow) drove herself to a nearby hospital; pulled in front of the ER and someone saw her difficulties, brought a wheel chair and helped her out. 

ER offered valet parking She has good planning skills - called her husband to come and get her; arranged with friends who live some 15 minutes away to take her car to their home temporarily.

He remarked to me that it was the first time she'd ever gone to ER for herself.  Her first grandchild's 2 Year Old party is Sunday and I know that will thrill her to bits.

Meanwhile, The Curb Sisters will go their happy ways sounding like a country western duet.  Walkers and limps we go on  full steam ahead, more or less indomitable.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Doings at the South Bay Writers Workshop

As we meet out doors in a little gem of a park, today is not going to be salubrious. Repeat  of yesterday's  gloom.  But we are a hardworking bunch.  We meet from noon to 2 p.m..  Gossip to follow.


Five us showed up as usual and discussed whatever we were working on.  Critique is very useful,  The two hours flew past quickly and the sun came out (of course) as did 2 p.m. and our collective departures. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Day for Indulgence

It is overcast and cold here today.  It's a perfect day to curl up on the sofa and start reading the new book I got yesterday at the FINALLY finally-opened Redondo Beach Library. 

So that's what I'm going to do.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tidying Up

Weren't those positively  glorious uniforms?  The Brits out-do us by quite a ways in dress uniforms.

But today they probably get dry-cleaned,  steam-pressed and put away until the next event requiring them.  I wondered about how the medals were stored.  They are kept in one glass case per man (Didn't see any women - need to look into that Elizabeth - look where you landed)  with them laid out in the order they will be worn.  It seems likely there are special people are designated as so-and-so's medal arrangers.  Good for employment.

And for the eyes that behold them.  Rule  Britannia!  

Further     \

People that have been married for longer than 60 years?  How do they know which one is which? 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Intermittent Coverage of Prince Philip's funeral

First we committed the worst thing attendees can do.  We were late.  

Miss Manners would take immediate umbrage.  There two events where being late is unacceptable - weddings and funerals.   

We did get there in time to see his coffin shuffled into St. George's Chapel.  This was an unexpected visual - from the camera view (head to toe) it looked like someone put a broom on the casket -homage to

the  help?  We were disabused of that delusion when it was described as his Naval hat and sword.  Still it did give me a shock.  A final joke from the deceased who was something of a wag anyhow.

Unfortunately we did arrive to be on time for the full church service.  Church of England's services are just as paralyzingly dull as any of the other religions.  But the music was beautiful.

As we watched quietly, I thought that if everyone walked at that pace behind the casket, they wouldn't get him into the dirt until well dark. 

Next up are the wakes, limited, I read to 15 guests per venue.  "30 invitees"  "15 waker"s - what the hell - the royals all buying  lotto tickets?

Am now trying to get a line into what are typical post-funeral foods.  I doubt anyone will be serving "Spotted Dick"  or "Eton Mess."  The first is a take-off on fruitcake and the second is  fresh fruit and whipped cream, served in an old-fashioned sundae glass..

I hope to ferret out further (interesting) details.  A long-misplaced illegitimate daughter would be rather fun...but that's wishing for far too much

BBC 1 p.m. news

We did get to see the .the self designed hearse!  Thinking about it there couldn't have been changes, Think "after market" and beef-up the axles, engine  and floor of it.  Caskets are enormously heavy.  Another weight consideration is that according to royal orders they are to be lead-lined which has to add a considerable number of pounds.  That goes far to explain why there were so many pallbearers - I counted eight -on the left side alone. A mortician was quoted telling readers that English oak is non existent these days.  Royals sleeping  in lead jackets include  

Elizbeth, the Queen mother, Princess Diana now joined by Prince Philip and a merry time they must all be having  QE1 was said to be quite amusing when the gin and tonic kicks in.  Philip's smart remarks did make some laugh sometimes.  Just not enough to get away most of them.  I'm surprised no one has collected them and published it.  Philip's Faux Pas ?   Funning With Philip?

As the Beeb has run the same footage three times now more from me unless there is anything else  new or new more exciting such as William and Harry take it to the street?  After getting knee-walking drunk?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

.One Man's Family - Edited

Our man in Indiana seems to be in a reflective mood

"I am  the oldest of  six children - four boys and two girls.   The older of my sisters was born 17 months after me.  My first youngest brother was born 3 1/2 years.  He passed away three days later from what my sister and I were told was "blue baby syndrome.  He  had been given our father's name so we always referred to him as "Junior."

I often wonder what he would have been like as a brother and how our family may have been different had he survived. 

I was three and half when a third brother surprised us all  when he arrived  just before my 20th birthday.

Along the way we  also acquired a foster  brother though the years.

Our lives have been rich with sibling rivalry  and sibling love. We all get together with our spouses every month (except during  Covid 19.) 

How our lives may have changed had Junior  grown up with us.  We talk about what sort of student and person he would have been; whether he would have married,  

I am sure other people have had a similar experience of losing a sibling at a very young age and pondering the "what if's for" for a lifetime.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Wanna Make a Bet on This?

I am betting my personal limit (50 cents) on this.  That cozily residing in their $14 million mansion here in So.Cal, Harry's wife MeAgain will create some kind of drama just before or during Prince Philip's funeral.  

Serious money seems to be favoring a faux miscarriage to rip Harry away from family onto the first flight back to LA.    

She's a real piece of work, isn't she?

Friday, April 9, 2021

Random Thoughts

of little or no significance.


As is often said at the death of really old people,  "He/she had a good run."  I would say, "See how long you can last with endless excellent health care?"   

Yes indeed. 

Wondering if his funeral will be televised, I asked friends in Britain and New /Zealand, but no reply yet.  

This still prods curiosity.  Reportedly, he died in Windsor Castle but:  here's the puzzler - will be interred at Frogmore Castle.  Two different places.  No signs of the body being transported for embalming.  Does Windsor have a morticians' suite?  Deep in the bowels of this venerable old place is there a whole crew working away?  Is that eerie?  

I doubt we'll ever know.  Was it the same firm as used for Princess Diana?  best to file this under "We'll Never Know."


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Miss Cast

 Coming soon - unexpected interruption in the form of a lunch invitation    YES!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Guest Editor !

Am quite looking forward to a visit from Our Man in Anderson IN 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Don't Take Me Out to the Baseball Game

I loathe baseball.  Yes that makes me a pinko, commie, fag and fill in insults of your own.

Richie insisted on taking me to opening day of the Dodgers.  It was interesting enough - beautiful day-

 grown men running around apparently with no goal...

But the next year, I brought a book.  The picture's around somewhere.

Our compromise:  We have to watch "Jeopardy"  and then the TV is his for the rest of the night.

Works like a charm.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

And here it is

 The Readers' Digest...

Why is Mother Earth still single?

She's Natural,  Magnetic, Hard core,  and  Getting hotter by the decade!


I'm afraid to get murdered because the coroner lists the contents of your stomach


The opposite of mermaid is landlady


And last and most important --People can't make you crazy if you don't give them the keys