Monday, April 26, 2021

The Go-To Restaurant to take Arriving Passengers From LAX

And this would be Tin Roof Bistro (or as they now call themselves  TRB) in the Manhattan Beach Mall.  

They have a  sophisticated menu - carmalized Brussel Sprouts; in other words, "This ain't just a burger joint."  They do have A burger - the Smmzy created by the owner when it WAS a burger joint.  It is very juicy and And Richie always asks for extra napkins when he orders one.

The design of the restaurant is Napa Valley vineyards.  Which means  that all of the wait staff wears plaid shirts hanging out over snug britches.  This suggests to me that the well-clad vintner is cavorting through the rows and rows of grape vines smartly in plaid shirts and aprons. 

The place consists of a main dining room; a large patio - chairs on slate floors , heaters and out in front is a thin patio that runs along the front of the building.  All of the seating  is comfortable.

.The first time my sister and bro-in-law came out from Chicago,  I'd arranged with the late Bob Brodsky for him and his crew to take us out for a sail after lunch.  My sister was thrilled and got the biggest kick steering the boat from behind the great big wheel.  She could barely see over it and she is not short. 

Charlie and Rosalind flew out and their daughter was teaching that day so the four of us  dined  alone.  In the coming years, the population at any lunch varied.  From the two of them to seven, all family members.  Speaking of family, it's a hoot when there are a group of them,  "Well, Mrs. Murphy how are you today?"  "Well Mrs. Murphy. I am doing just fine, but poor Mrs. Murphy broke a toe last week." 

Favorites - soup and a half sandwich Charlie and Rosalind, Bob and Pat Brodsky. Jim Newman aka "Jimsie"

All of the vegetarian dishes  daughter and her sons  vegetarians

Pig and fig pizza (and that IS it's name on the menu) chunk-ed fancy bacon chunks. and dried-ish figs  Dynamite shrimp,  Napa Slaw with an avocado reduction.

When it's a bunch of us we get the hay pile French fries.  They come with a with a thick sauce  of blue cheese.  Everyone!  Greedy fingers fly  furiously! .  We almost always have to order more!  

Charlie and Rosalind pre-Covid19 came out twice a year- June for birthdays - both boys, Richie and C and R's anniversary  

January to escape the winter on Long Island. 

And always - From LAX to Tin Roof straight as an arrow.  


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