Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Quirky Site -

 This site is greatly varied -today we visited Japan  where grade school-age kids stay 10- 15 minutes after school cleaning up their classroom -buckets, rags for the floors. Real down and dirty  I wonder how many American schools have that feature daily.  It occurred to me and perhaps you that this is a direct steal from country schools here in America when erasers were clapped together to get rid of chalk dust and this was considered a treat by the students.  And this practice has fostered very clean, tidy streets in their cities.  One is so clean that koi live in the waste canals. 

40 pictures of odd and unlikely places cats choose to sleep.  Crazy little devils.  But inventive.

There 23 people per vending machine on average and, further, you can buy your own vending machine which is cost effective - no employees, no payrolls..  

Public bathrooms often have a built in Baby Rack installed into the stall side wall for mothers who bring the kid into the stall with them.  

An interesting thought-provoking site - clearly I recommend it.

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