Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Curb Sisters

The American Curb is not good at all for my younger sister and myself.  So I ask myself "Accident or enemy action?"  Recently you will remember if not sympathize when I took a tumble - score:  two broken fingers, one hairline fracture left patella. 

But this is my sister's tale of woe.  When she landed, apparently all of her weight was on her right knee because last night she reported that she'd broken it. And she doesn't weight much at all - never has.

She said she (somehow) drove herself to a nearby hospital; pulled in front of the ER and someone saw her difficulties, brought a wheel chair and helped her out. 

ER offered valet parking She has good planning skills - called her husband to come and get her; arranged with friends who live some 15 minutes away to take her car to their home temporarily.

He remarked to me that it was the first time she'd ever gone to ER for herself.  Her first grandchild's 2 Year Old party is Sunday and I know that will thrill her to bits.

Meanwhile, The Curb Sisters will go their happy ways sounding like a country western duet.  Walkers and limps we go on  full steam ahead, more or less indomitable.

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