Monday, March 1, 2021

What Was Being Written in the Yearbooks of 1959

The 1st name - Alfred Abrams - "Buddy"  Lavender  Caddy    A voice for the stage

The last listing - David Zupco - Singing is a favorite...where are those cheeseburgers?  "Hi"  

In Between :

Bonnie Sozio - a whiz with the paintbrush  laughing brown eyes .. petite and cute

Frank Sherman - Bad motorcycle   big eater   muscleman

Dana Schlaikjer -  You don't want to buy a magazine, do you?  

George Noonan - Party boy  loves tennis and pizza    egg-head

Richie Murphy  - Ship, ahoy (he was a clammer summers)  drives a cool car (he couldn't remember what this cool car was)   likes chicken and basketball.  

Carol Nalback   Off the road!  Here comes Carol!   Burns up the dance floor   likes basketball and pizza

Don't hesitate to volunteer what your yearbook gems were.  


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