Friday, March 5, 2021

Do Things Really Comes in Threes?

Thurs.  3/5/21

Here is the first "Thing".    We were dining at Spumoni, the very good Italian restaurant, corner of Prospect and Aviation.  The waiter had just brought us each a glass of red - Cab for Richie and a lovely Pinot Grigio for me.  We made purring noises and while so engaged, didn't notice what had to be Daddy and his beautiful little daughter standing just inside the open door to the patio where regulations say we  must eat.  Civilized dining - inside - is still forbidden. 

The four of his exchanged some light conversation and it evolved that the little girl - maybe five or six - was going to or coming from dancing class at the other end of the parking lot not far from Big Lots.  

Richie admired her fuchsia fleece Uggs and she said proudly, "I wear my toe shoes underneath them!"

Then the Dad signaled to her by tapping his wrist watch and they departed.  So arriving for class.

Our dinners came; we savored them and when the waiter zipped by we each ordered a second glass of wine.  He set them on the table and said, "Compliments of the gentleman and his little girl."  

We were gobsmacked to say the least.  Part of my horror could have been attributed to the fact that both of our wines were $13 each.  So - $26 for a pair of strangers.   Typically, I was exclaiming, "Oh my God, he didn't have to do that multiple times..  'Cause he didn't have to do anything; not even "Have a nice evening.   (to the waiter) Do you know him?"  He said he did and that he would give him my card and profuse  thanks.  Richie, said, "You know I think I've seen them before- a little boy, too - running his skateboard around in the parking lot.

"Yes, that was him," said the waiter.  I pulled out one of my business cards and stuck it  in with the bill. 

The waiter said he'd give it to him and I believe he will.  

Friday. 3/6/21

We were waiting for the light to change on PCH where Pier feeds into it.  A man came running up to the car waiving a take-home box - we were right in from of  a health food restaurant.  He was half-yelling, "Mai Tai Chicken!" shoving said box at my window.  I was startled and thinking what the hell'!  

Richie sensing free food, yelled at me, "Open your window!"  Set upon on two sides, I did, accepted the box (very cold)  The light changed and we turned left and headed home.    


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