Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Cheapest Eye Job in America!

Pandemic  be damned!  Use it!  And improve your looks for virtually little or no cost!  The hell with you virus, I'll be walking out looking 10 years (or more!) younger! 

Use this House Arrest  time period to freshen your look!  Are your upper lids drooping making you look older than you really are?  Well instead of having expensive plastic surgery, do it yourself!  

And do it right in the privacy of your own home!   Listen - here's how to get rid of droopy eyelids!  And better still, at very little cost!  You use items that are already right there in the house!  

What do I need? you ask? For an easy start on getting a handle on exactly how much tension you have to use - Scotch tape to start.  Later on as you are getting more and more adept, you can switch to Nexcare, a heavier-weight tape.  Do this miracle treatment in the morning with your make-up;  this tape will hold up until bedtime.    And beyond, if you get my drift.  

So what do I do with this tape?  Skin your hair back over the offending eye with it's floppy lid so that, using a forefinger, you can slowly and gently pull up the skin right next to your hairline and lay a strip of tape Just Right There.  Put your hair back, step back and marvel at how much younger you will suddenly look!   

Take that coronavirus!   You're still an ugly bastard, but we're beautiful.  HAH!


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