Friday, May 15, 2020

None of Us Are in Jail

Our meeting went well; we delighted in our surroundings - round concrete tables with curved concrete benches to accompany them.  One set of tables has a pergola roof and it was a sunny day, but:  in the shade, there was a cold brisk wind.  We adapt easily and moved out to a table in the sun.

For future reference, one might consider bring a folded blanket to sit on or a cushion, ditto.  Concrete is harder than a banker's heart. Especially when you're going to be sitting on it from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

Against the possibility of the Redondo police cruising by, we all kept our masks pulled down off of our chins, but readily at hand if needed.  As stated, they weren't.  

Until the end of June when the Veteran's Park Senior Center, our usual haunt re-opens, I think we may have found a temporary nest.  To see if it might suit for your group, Google "Andrews Parkette, Redondo Beach."   But the South Bay Writers gets it Thursdays.  We found it.

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