Friday, May 29, 2020

The Video

Dear God - we've SEEN THAT.    The video of a police officer shown kneeling on the neck of an alleged perp for supposedly  trying to pass a fake $20 bill ina grocery store.  The video must be worn out by now (if you can wear one out.) 

There are other sides and details I haven't seen on the moving media.   CNN, FOX, BBC etc.

Fair coverage covers it all. Officer Derek Chauvin has been cited for 12 complaints from the public in a 20 year career.  Myla Masson, a Houston retired officer and training specialist, remarked, "Anyone can file a complaint for any reason."   source, Rolling Stone
George Floyd, at 6 ft. 6 in. was a tight end in high school and played in the 1992 State Championship.  They lost to Temple 38-20,

Arrested for criminal trespass, in 2002, Floyd did 30 days in jail.
In 2007, busted for armed robbery for which he did five years in prison, beginning in 2009.
He worked for 17 years as a bouncer at El Nuevo Rancho along with fellow security off-duty Officer Derek Chauvin.

Excessive violence is never good on anyone's side, but neither has been the media spurring on the racist beliefs  that have lead to robbery, looting and general bad behavior on  everyone's part.

A lot of blame to be handed out - let's do it.  

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