Tuesday, May 12, 2020

At A Loss To Understand

Never promised to be the smartest pig in the litter, but the following have me confounded.

The total US population is 328.2 million people.  The total death rate of this poulation (at the moment almost literally) is 81,076 people OR:  0.00024782927 per cent of  Americans have died of the virus.
And yet we are quarantined.  Confined to what amounts to house arrest.  Of the total figure who died, the media says that half of that number were living in care facilities at the time of their death.

Old and ill - 40,538
Neither of the above  40,538

You could probably work the numbers so far out that nobody died!

The California edict says that all beaches are closed off as if they were radioactive.  Even in what is referred to as Stage 2 of re-emergence into life as we knew it;  here is what is true here and now.

NO sunbathing, a false report said that heat is a good defense against the virus with heat.  This is NOT true; do not try it at home.
NO picnics with attendant ice chests and so forth,  Yet, our parks in normal times are spotless because people are very careful with litter and all of the parks have numerous trash barrels.
NO  beach volleyball.This is most definitely a 6 ft. away game by the nature of it.
 NO  parking.  Apparently if you want to park in Torrance (8 to 12 miles away) and walk to Hermosa, you could.   The ambulance can take you home.

After some digging and poking about, I discovered that:  sea water is good for many minor skin irritations.  The breezes off of the ocean due largely to the ozone in said air.  There is no smog in it nor exhaust fumes (think semis and used cars) which is good for our respiratory systems which is this virus'  main target.  

Most of all, the sounds and scents  of the sea - waves both gentle and loud, the warmth of the sun and the avoidance of sand in your skivvies,  the faint waft of Ban de Soleil  sun cream, the smell of the ozone-laden air - sudden shadows when a cloud hides the sun … a visit to the Pacific is considered quite therapeutic.  So check off mental health, too, from your list.

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