Saturday, May 30, 2020

Looking Forward To The Fight!

Many of you astute readers will remember that in Olden Days, Richie, self, Mouton and "D" went out to dinner together once a month.  Ring down the curtain.  Until today - eating in a room with white linen-covered tables and people bringing you drinks and food was a non-existent "thing."

But today came the good news that restaurants are okay to attend, maintain a 6 ft. separation if you please, just not party like a Kennedy.   The "fight" referenced above will be the choice of where we go for that all-important greeting of an old friend.  According to our old rules if a month has one of birthdays in it, that person as acting Birthday Person gets to choose the restaurant.

For myself, so addled am I at the thought of eating in a restaurant and not our dining room table is so overwhelming that I feel uncharacteristically uncertain about what my choice should be - don't have a thought.

All three of them are Dodger fans so this is for them, a quote from the redoubtable LA Times columnist Chris Erskine, who in 30 years with the Times is retiring and wrote his final column in today's paper.

Vin Scully is baseball's Frank Sinatra

For the rest of us:  If gophers were racehorses, our yard would be Churchill Downs.

Does the US really need two Dakotas?

A mother can smell a bad diaper at 100 yards.  A father couldn't smell a bad diaper if he were wearing it as a hat.

World's most perfect design - a baseball .  World's second-most perfect design - the martini glass.

Can I have a  whoa martini glass?  

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