Saturday, May 16, 2020

Funny and a Very Much NOT Funny

The Funny:  last night we decided to order dinner, go get it, bring it home and eat it.  Spumoni, corner of Prospect and Aviation, Hermosa, was having a 40 per cent off on dinner.  'Nuff said, eh?  We walked in, made our order - Chicken Cacciatore for Richie' Priest Strangler Carbonara for me.
Homeward we sailed for the 5:30 p.m. gin & tonic.  As told,Richie went to get the food at 6:15 p.m. .  He was laughing like a maniac when he plunked a brown paper bag on the dining room table.  I had set the table and was "resting" from that arduous duty.

The bag - for Murphy - read:  MERFIE and so did the Paid Ticket.  When I stopped laughing, and considered it, it made perfect sense for phonetics users.

The Very Much NOT Funny
According to several unimpeachable sources in the medical world, the CDC is misrepresenting the number of coronavirus deaths via their rules about who died of it.  In autopsy if the deceased showed positive for the virus, then that was the cause of death even if the person died of other causes:   auto accident, suicide, in hospice with a life expectancy rate of one or two weeks or some other disease, such as diabetes, COPD, and so forth. If the test is negative for the virus and the patient has "regular" flu instead - that's a coronavirus death.

Even if the sick person who died was negative for it, that death was considered virus related.  Doctors have complained that hospitals are pressuring them to declare on the death certificate that the cause of death (COD) was the virus even when it wasn't because there is a financial reward for the hospitals.  The CARE Act provides a 20 per cent premium (bounty?) to the hospital for Medicare assistance.   
Source:  weaselzipper.usa  but am sure a quick Google will bringu p this story as well as other supporting articles.


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