Friday, May 8, 2020

Let's Have Dinner Out/In

I coined this phrase to cheer myself up.  Yesterday, Thursday, back in olden days, we would usually go out for dinner.   Richie once asked, "Why Thursdays?" in puzzled tones.  "Because," I said, "that was the cook's night off in Victorian days. At rich men's  tables..."  "Oh," he said, looking somewhat puzzled  But he laughed anyhow.  Richie's laugh comes easy.

Explanation - We went Out to Dinner to Bring dinner In so that we could eat it!  We went out to Las Brisas to bring home Arroz con Pollo for Richie and a Mexican-style shrimp cocktail  for me.  Six fat shrimp nestling in the bottom of a tall drink container with a wonderful tomato broth with diced raw zucchini, cilantro, onion.

These recent unpleasantness reminded me of a late friend's book - "Look Back and Laugh" by Jean Desmond who stole the phrase (oft-quoted at the Desmond home by her mother who prefaced it by the use of "Someday you'll look back and laugh.)  and to wonder to myself (no one else would be interested) if anything about Coronavirus would or could ever be funny.

The possibilities from a confirmed optimist include - "I put on a mask and my cat ran away and hid under the bed".  "My dog followed me around the house all day long, looking quizzically at me  as if to say, "What are you doing here?"  The goldfish didn't react in any way.  Other than their daily feeding frenzy for food.  Whoever said goldfish are stupid, rethink it.  They know what time breakfast and dinner occur. And they let you know, too.

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