Monday, May 4, 2020

I Like Cashews - But Cashew Milk? I Never Heard of That!

Now I have, due to an atypical hot spell we've been having here near the beaches (which are also in lockdown)  as well as us.  We can't even park along the ocean to catch the refreshing breeze or admire the seascape right in front of us.  Rot Gov. Newsom.

Thus at the supermarket I was checking out the dessert freezers for a nice chocolate-covered ice cream bar for hot afternoons.  Not much choice especially for a sea salt caramel freak.

But:  what ho?  SO Delicious diary free DIPPED salted caramel cashew milk bars.  The Web site for this 180 calories per bar (four bars to a box) treat is

Cashew milk is made of finely ground cashews with salt and water to thin as desired.  It has just the perfect  faint taste of sea salt and I'm guessing that comes when you use salted cashews.

It is purposed to be used as regular milk.  What if you had made chocolate cashew ice cream and then served it with a good splash of caramel syrup... I think you would be into something good.  Or, rather,  SO Delicious.   Made in Eugene, OR

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