Monday, March 2, 2020

Statistically Speaking, We Are NOT Going to Die of Coronavirus

Look at what we've already survived.  Mike, a friend in Colorado, helpfully compiled this list which I pass on to you who may not be feeling any too sanguine about the virus.

1999/2000  Y2K is gonna kill us all
2001  Anthrax is gonna kill us all  - To lazy to keep typing "gonna kill us all" so fill it in mentally.  Thank you
2002  West Nile Virus
2003  SARS
2005  Bird Flu
2006  E.Coli
2008  the bad economy
2009  Swine flu
2010  BP Oil
2011 Obamacare
2012  Mayan "End of the world"
2013  North Korea
2014  Ebola
2915  Disney measles AND ISIS
2016  Zika
2017  Fake news
2018  Migrant caravans
2019  Measles
2020  Corona virus

Cheer up!  We have yet to see what 2021 will bring!  But based on media hysteria, it will be sure to kill us all!  Now - don't you feel better?  

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