Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Doctor is in the House

Major Disclaimer:  I am not nor ever have been in any capacity as a medical doctor, with witch doctoring (bite your tongue; I heard that) nor veterinarian.  In short I am only a foghorn for things that I have done or read about.

Flu season hand washing.  Ever wondered exactly how long you should wash your hands since we are constantly be told to wash our hands, but not how long we're supposed to be scrubbing away.  A real medical doctor told me that they scrub for surgery for 20 seconds so, the doctor sings "Happy Birthday" to him/herself twice.  This morning I read that the chorus for "Stayin' Alive" lasts 24 seconds. And is a lot more fun to sing in my opinion. advises that Dayquil and Nyquil are both very good for coughing, fever, and pain.  Something to think about:  The 'Quils are made by Vicks.  Perhaps the Guru is heavily invested in Vicks stock?

Give your pulmonary system a spa treatment - linger in your hot, steamy bathroom and breathe deeply.  Or, perhaps easier and greener - do the same with a cup or mug of hot tea or coffee held right under your nose.  Suck it in.

Do it yourself Neti pot.  If you have an OTC ear cleaning treatment with the long-nosed flusher or flusher for your ears, instead mix a little sea salt in a small basin of water and use the flusher up your nose to flush the sinuses.  

Off on another subject.  Many brides desire a truly unforgettable wedding (for good reasons, not the matron of honor got drunk and fell into the wedding cake) then check around for a llama or alpaca farm and rent one for it.  The price depends on how far the beast has to travel from home; apparently $200 or $300 for one or two of them.

And the last word from a plastic surgeon who stated that for augmented breasts I will 100 percent put in a squeaky toy, too.  "Honkers" anyone?

Stay well and sing loud and proud!  Get those germy hands clean!

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