Sunday, March 15, 2020

Let's Move the Virus Hysteria Onto the Sports Pages

"Ob, boy, she's lost it big time," you may be muttering.  Judge for yourself my modest attempt to ramp down some of the hysteria, toilet paper buyouts, "and nary a drop to drink" re the cases of water gone from the shelves.

The media has an ancient saying - "When it bleeds (plane crash; 20 car freeway pile-up) it leads. I.e. is the headline on the front page or the TV news lead.  Thus they are having banner days with the virus.

I'd like to suggest this instead.  It's pretty well known that influenza leads the pack over the years - Black Plague being only one example - in deaths.  It is no different today.  Influenza is still much more prevalent.

What my idea is - Turn Influenza into one team and Coronavirus into another.  Post the daily scores (easily available in to see which did the most damage that day in the sports pages/

.  Example:

Team Cora  
USA  3,072 cases and 60 deaths.  3,012 DIDN'T die

Team Enza  from January 18 2019 to 2020                  

USA 29 million cases, 280 hospitalized  16,000 deaths
28,984,000  DIDN'T die

If it really took off, bookies at least wouldn't be on the dole.  They're probably all taking various bets right now - France vs. Germany perhaps?  All sorts of side wagers - Manhattan had X cases today.  Counter But Chicago had that big surge on the South Side.

At least it would cut into at least some of the "headline news" which would be wonderful.  

ADD:  Judging by the numbers of shopping carts piled high with 16-pack toilet paper, starting Tuesday it will probably be on the shelves again.  No one could go through the volume I saw leaving the store without running a prison or an orphanage.

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