Monday, March 30, 2020

Alas, O April Birthdays

It was announced that the state of siege that we are all living in is to be cancelled April 30th.

My 80th birthday is Saturday, the 25th.  I'd set up the restaurant - which has an airy latticed patio - was about to create the invitations - "12 noon till the cops come.  Table dancing optional."

Admittedly (and equally selfishly) I spent a few minutes feeling sorry for myself but quickly got over myself to think, "What the hell I'll move it to early in May' while mentally humming to myself, "You caint always git you want you waaant" Rolling Stones.

I wondered who else my fellow April birthdayers there  might be.  A rather distinguished list I must say.

Washington Irving
Maya Angelou
Booker T. Washington,
Billie Holiday
Charlie Chapman
Charlotte Bronte
John Muir
Ella Fitzgerald
and my astrological twin Al Pacino, 4-25-1940.

Sadly they're all dead and well beyond celebrating anything. Except for Pacino and me.  And he has much bigger fish to fry.

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