Tuesday, March 3, 2020

"Get Out the Vote!" Redondo Didn't Spare the Horses

California is one of the 14 States to hold a Super Tuesday vote which includes both main parties.  So being fairly good citizens, we set off to do just that after our French class.

Our voting spot is the Redondo Beach North Library.  Today as we drew up the parking lot we saw - "What is this?"  A line stretching from the library doors clear across the parking lot - and it is a good-sized parking lot.  This morning it had  no empty spaces.  Fender jostling fender, the cars waited for their owners to return.

The sun was blasting down; I didn't want to hike 1 1/2 blocks in it to park the car,  only to stand around for what looked like a good 45 minutes.   So I suggested we go have lunch and come back.  So  we trundled over to Cali-Mex up the street and had another of their excellent meals in a beautifully Mexican dining room.  Upon leaving, we set off with happy hearts (and full stomachs) to do our civic duty.

The line was longer.  Closer to lunchtime as it was 11 a.m.  He had an Rx to pick-up so we sped off once again. On our return this time, the line was appreciably shorter but not nearly like other elections where may five or six people hung around waiting to vote.  To avoid sunstroke, Richie fished out my old wheelchair from the cargo area as well as one of my hats, a snappy white trimmed in black Panama.  Thus armed I was ready to go.

We speculated … Was it the new electronic voting machines?  People voting on their lunch hours?
To be concluded later on.  Meanwhile the line was moving.  Instead of the greeter having to hunt through an enormous file of names and addresses, she touched a wand to my I.D. (US passport) and up it all popped up.  Then a very nice man (wearing loose black slacks with neon bright alligators printed all over them them (pajama pants?)  and a very mismatched shirt (plaid) assisted me at the actual voting booth.
Insert this large sheet of paper here, then pick your language choice and vote away.  I am a very brief voter (but no less intense) and after my choice of Presidential candidate, I went to Propositions (2) and voted on them and (spat of hands) I was done.  I'd asked him if it had been this well-attended for long? and he told me that the line started when they opened and they hadn't  lost a one.  Everyone stayed the course.  At 12 noon.  I didn't know there were that many voters in Redondo.  God bless them all - and ma'am I hope your baby didn't get sunburned.

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