Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dibs and Dabs

Sadness:  the nearly empty refrigerated box with biscuits and Crescent rolls.  The space for Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chunks … empty as a bimbo's head.

Coming soon to your local supermarket - Vons, Walmart, Albertson's Kroger, Whole Foods - are installing sneeze guards between cashier and customer.

Won't You Take a Sea Cruise With Me?
The USNS Mercy, a floating hospital is due to come into the Port of Los Angeles today or tomorrow.  With a top speed of 17.5 knots, it took them a while to get up here from their base in San Diego.

Its to be used this time to cut the local hospitals some slack so that the hospitals can treat more virus patients.  It has 12 fully-equipped operating rooms (very necessary in war time when people tend to get blown up and need being put back together)  They have a 1,000 bed hospital for non-virus patients.  There are radiology departments, pharmacy, optometry, CT scan machines and two Oxygen producing plants on board. With all of this 800 number of patients a day can be seen.

When it does get here and the port number is known, it would make a nice outing to motor stately down, find a good vantage point and eat take-out from Utros west of the old Ports O Call.  They have a spacious patio with tables and umbrellas, too.  All widely spaced out, let me add.   Recommended for those whom the beginning of cabin fever (making gummy bear necklaces, for example - "A Beautiful Necklace That You Can Eat, Too! ) is announcing itself.

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