Tuesday, March 10, 2020

It Was Bound to Happen

Two days ago Aqueduct Race Track was robbed by two men in anti-virus masks who ambushed the three workers bringing the money from the first and second floors - two unarmed security men and a track employee.

The thieves took them to a vacant room and relieved the guards and worker  of the cash - and their cell phones.

Police reportedly believe it to be an inside job as the robbers knew the time of the nightly money moves as well as their way around the track buildings and floors.

Well-meant advice - if in a casino or an off-track betting shop or a bank - if some masked person comes waltzing in, or approaches you in a casino, turn your back, ignore them and wander "gently" away in a non-threatening manner.. For verisimilitude, you might murmur - so that they can hear you, "Ooh - do you have It - get away, get away from me" and flap your hands around.  This alerts fellow gamblers something is amiss.  And may encourage them to go elsewhere.

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