Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Didja Evah?

Small things that have been big deals in some circles...

For one thing (notice I go to the stomach first) I never thought I would be describing "going out to dinner" a McDonald's take-out.  I did check Tin Roof Bistro and they are suggesting and I assume a number of our favorites are doing the same or equivalent.     However, a friend tried this door dash thing and they were majorly disappointed.  Cold food loomed large in their complaints voiced as, "So I have to heat it all up again and cook anyhow!"  Caveat emptor.

Our vet e-mailed us their new policy.  Leave your pet in the car, come in and sign up that you are here and give them your cell phone number and go back to the car- when it's your turn, they call you out in the parking lot and one of you (not the whole family) brings the pet in.

Next mail delivery came from my dentist at Manhattan Dental Care.   If you  have a dental appointment, unless it's life-threatning (major infection?) your appointment is cancelled.  Since all I'm scheduled for is new crown installation I'm not concerned.  Unless or until the fake filling falls out.

This morning, my GP's office called to cancel my annual Wellness Physical.  No great loss.

But the thought of a dentist or a doctor calling you to cancel an appointment is a bit startling. Especially since making an appointment can be such a hassle.

Re all of the above, the loss of a MacDonald's looms larger than the dentist or doctor.

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