Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ah, Hell - Laugh Anyhow

The Supermarket Saga started innocently enough when Indiana Doug, a cousin, wrote that he had seen two women fighting over toilet paper - "Just pushing and shoving" he hastened to explain when I asked if he'd whipped out his phone and video-d it.  He went on, "One woman already had three in her cart; the other woman and wanted the 4th available (and it was the last in the store.)  Their husbands or significant others, stepped in to intervene and decreed that the woman with none gets it.  Neither woman was happy as their men escorted them from the store.

BoredPanda.com thoughtfully compiled a list of various items left on the shelves because no one wanted them. If any of the following list appeal to you, there should be plenty of them left.

 In no particular order:

frozen Hawaiian pizza
gluten-free white bread
broccoli or cauliflower pizza crust
6 packs of Corona Beer - rumor is they're changing their name - to "Ebola" to avoid the stigma surrounding Corona.
chocolate or buffalo hummus
shrimp ramen
Kraft Mac and Cheese with cauliflower pasta
Frozen peas or carrots
Manhattan Clam Chowder.  East Coasters won't touch it.
Baby Shark cereal
Aquafina or Arrow water
Peeps marshmallow hot tamales - I'd buy  package just to see how well (probably not) hot goes with goo.
Cinnamon raisin bagels
Salt-free potato chips
Peter Pan peanut butter
chicken burrito bowls

Today's boredpanda.com  has a page of corona jokes.  Sample:  Jehovah's Witnesses know that everyone is going to be home.

You could take that in as "Be on your guard"...

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