Monday, March 23, 2020

Drag Queens - RuPaul Didn't Invent Them

Before our main library closed for the duration, I ran across "Drag - The Complete Story," by Simon Doonan   This is a hardback; no helpful book flap with the name of the publisher or the price.  237 pages  with many photographs.  I went between a sort of fascinated horror to admiration for the obstacles they hurdled over triumphantly.

Drag didn't come in with Milton Berle and or television itself.   The history section points out that Euripides play "The Bacchae" featured cross dressing.  When King Theseus arrives in Athens, he was mistaken for a girl.

Starting around 3000 BC Egypt was home to Nefertiti Cleopatra.   Mascara,  elaborate gold-encrusted headdresses, long slinky dresses - and that was the men! Cleopatra's attempt to make rug rolling a popular "thing" failed.

The Table of Contents lists the types of drag - Glamour, Art, Butch, Black, Historical, Comedy- Enter Barry Humphreys; Dame Edna;Tyler Perry; "Madea"  here then comes Popstar, Movie and finally Radical.  Which consisted of a full page depiction of Donald Trump.  Quite realistic looking down to the belly.

Drag on ladies!

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