Friday, March 20, 2020

The Supermarket Bouncer

We have one known and there may be others.  Yesterday, after the pressing business of going to take a look at the ocean next door to the Redondo Beach Pier, Richie said, "We need bread; I want to run into Smart & Final, Iris," a restaurant supply chain.  When we got there we found a modest line of people waiting to get in.  He elected to stay because the parking lot wasn't that full; the line wasn't that long. He joined the line which was apparently having a lovely time visiting back and forth.  Everyone was calm, gentle in their demeanor ...I stayed in the car and checked mail; the less people in there, the better.

When he came back out, loaf of bread and a couple of other items, he reported that when it was his turn at the checkout counter, there was a big burly guy standing with the cashier, scrutinizing the items on the conveyor belt.  He wasn't there for quality control, but to check number of items in the cart.  He reminded everyone at the tail of the line that we were allowed two containers of toilet paper; two flats of eggs, two loaves of bread and so on.

He had moved to the door out and when Richie asked the teller about it, she said that some people fight to keep their goods and get all ugly about it so he was there to "discuss it" with them.  She grinned and said, "Quite effective against hoarding."

Given his size (considerable) number of visible tatts and general demeanor, it was easy to believe.

Ah, new problems; new solutions.

In some good news - the IRS has moved back The Dread Income Tax Returns deadline from April 15th to JULY 15 and all over America CPAs and tax firms are dancing maniacally with relief at what must surely be the same as a vacation to them.

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