Wednesday, March 25, 2020

An Amusement/New Hobby During Quarantine!

Lets all get fat!  We can't go to the beach, the park, hiking trails - we couldn't hike anyhow - coyotes, but you get the idea.

In addition to all of your favorite snacks, let me whisper what I found in the supermarket canned, ready to bake, biscuits and Crescent Rolls.  Grab a pencil - Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chunk cookie dough.  All you have to do is preheat the oven to 350, put the slightly smaller than a golf ball rounds on a cookie sheet, two inches apart and bake for 12 or 14 minutes.  There are 12 rounds to make a dozen cookies.

I looked at these dough balls and thought, "Damn!  Those are going to be biiig cookies!"  So I halved them and set the timer.  They all spread out and I had very nearly a single cookie, the size of Nova Scotia.

Next time I make these (and we're going to the store this morning) I will bake per instructions and cut the finished cookies in half.  They are wonderfully chewy yet greasy - the label said something about "made with butter."  They weren't kidding.  

There are 12 golf balls at 160 calories each, but by cutting them in half, you only get 80 calories.  Almost "Diet Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chunk" cookies so you can eat two of them and not feel guilty.

A funny thought:  How long can this virus last anyhow - it was Made in China.

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