Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Getting Ready for a Root Canal - Yeah A Bolt of Terror!

Before technology appeared, a root canal really was a reason to quiver in terror.  "Oh it hurt for six weeks!"  "I'll never have another one even if all of my teeth fall out!"

It's not like that (by a long shot) today.  I just had my third and I must have survived because here I am  writing about it.  And I don't have a high pain threshold; I have a Welcome! mat.

For a lot people with a bad experience in the past, the dentist is feared like the bogey man of your childhood.  What's he going to be doing in there?  I don't like the sound of a "root" canal - what's he/she going to do?  Go down to my jawbone and dig around?  I don't like the sound of this ...

I take the stance that if you can find out about what's going to done at the dentists (or pre-surgery, you will feel a hella lot better before they start doing it. Rather belatedly (third root canal) I decided to look into it.

Granted my endodontic dentist explained what she was doing - and why- complete with the x-ray views of why this was being done.   When it pops up, ask for step by step root canal.

Very informative.  Comes 2 p.m. today I know what to expect - after the big work Monday, (2 to 5:30 p.m.)  now comes the fitting for a new crown.  Much less time needed for this procedure.

Any road, hope for the best, f--k the rest. Why was the previous treatment so long?  The affected tooth lies very close to the main nerve and thus required more numbing, more time for it to kick in and thus more time for the patient in the chair.

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