Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trader Joe (aka Joseph Coulombe at 89) is barely dead and the LA Times takes off on him

I have no idea what he did or could have possibly done to offend the Times.  Maybe because TJ's never advertised with them (or anyone else for that matter) because they ran their own Flexible Flyer in house?

Be that as it may have been.  Today's Sunday Food section carries a run down from critic Lucas Kwan Peterson with the headline "The Cold, Hard Truth" which is a listing of 37 frozen dishes at Trader Joe's and what he thought of them.

In fairness I should confess that I have only eaten one of the listed dishes and that was Scallion Pancakes which I liked.  Still got a box up in the freezer- we should get around to eating them, now that I think about it.

The majority of the foods reviewed were Indian and I wonder as he did, why?  I am not knowledgeable  about any of them.

He was also kind enough to include a chart for which foods are Lazy to Less Lazy - prep time and/or other things in the package that have to go in, too, He also rates on this scale -  Tastes Worse to Tastes Better.

Of note to local beach residents - Jon's Supermarket on 191st between Anza and Inglewood - was open yesterday with few-ish cars in the parking lot, carts galore and a nice selection of food.  The meat counter was open, the permanent barbecue purveyor and a long row of hot food for your selection in dinner's side dishes.  Plenty of check-out clerks and all of the customers were friendly-polite.

Fresh vegetables and a lot of them.  Fresh flowers and a good selection of bouquet types.

Yes, brands we don't know, but once upon a time we didn't know all of the foods available at Trader Joe's!

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