Monday, March 9, 2020

Is Miami Crazy or Just the Writers Who Cover It - and Love It!

I recently discovered the works of a Tim Dorsey whose protagonist, Serge A. Storms, is deliberately portrayed as mentally ill, but, hark! he has a very strong sense of justice and his inalienable right to take it.   His partner in crime (literally) is a pot head named (so far solely) Coleman.  .Storms has a very strong sense of justice.  Another weird vigilante and side kick in  Florida which already seems to have its fair share of them.

I'm in the middle of "Naked Came the Florida Man" in which Storm is leading Coleman around on a Florida cemetery tour where Storms practices the old-time hobby of waxing headstones.

I think about John  D. (Dann) McDonald and his Travis McGee - self-described "boat bum" and his sidekick Meyer, the globally well-known economist.    Both were trying to fix Florida - ecologically.  A man 'way ahead of his times.  Sadly he died, age 70, and Florida has continued to commit ecological horrors.

Carl Hiaasen grew up in Fort Lauderdale - others in this group came from such variables as Armonk, NY (Dave Barry.)

A couple of these gentlemen were serial marry-ers.  The late Elmore Leonard , died age 87, three,  Dave Barry - three.

One thing they all, living or not anymore, they were was funny as hell.  Many the columns their typewriters tapped out, driven by the geniuses who wrote them.

If you want crazy to amuse yourself, may I gently encourage you to ready any of the above?

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