Saturday, February 29, 2020

Damn! I Can't Marry Him Now - He Just Died!

For years, I have joked that if God forbid anything happened to Richie, I would marry Trader Joe.  Hah!  Joseph Hardin Coulombe died yesterday, age 89.  He and his wife were married 67 years had three children and six grandchildren.

He was an observant man and saw - in 1967 - the lay of the land customer-wise.  Young, well educated, looking for fair prices for "exotica" such as trail mix.  Today there are 500 stores in 40 states.

In 1988, age 58, he sold the whole thing to a German supermarket chain named Aldi.  He stayed on with Aldi as CEO and did consultant work for other companies.  He finally fully retired in 2013.

Working in a Trader Joe's is a very good thing.  Employees get medical, dental, vision and retirement plans plus an annual raise of seven to 10 per cent.  Maybe this is the reason that every clerk, checkout person I have talked to there are happy, anxious to find whatever it is that you can't  find and altogether pleasant.

Just as well I wasn't planning a wedding with granola to be tossed instead of rice.
Although one could consider the merits of defrosting  "riced cauliflower" - easier on the pigeons' digestive systems? - and toss that instead.

Condolences, Mrs. Coulombe, this Trader Joe groupie is no longer a threat.

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