Thursday, February 27, 2020

Minor Effects of the Coronavirus

Shares in American airlines have gone down.  AA to the point of the 2013 merger with US Air and yesterday share prices were seven per cent lower.

So - class, if very few are flying, very few hotels are sold out.  And hotel help is not needed.   Nor rental cars which can sit languidly in their respective garages.

If in fact just being in a group exposes you to the virus, even local restaurants will suffer a certain pinch.

Cabs, Lyft, Uber at LAX?  Good luck.

Meanwhile we have renamed the Murphy Mansion "The House of Pestilence" since Richie is fighting a bladder infection and I have nearly won the battle with acute bronchitis, origin unknown.

Expecting  full recoveries very soon.

Has this new (and very unwelcome) invader affected you?  Comments is Open.

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