Monday, February 10, 2020

Aftermath of the Oscars

LA prides itself on being the Capitol City for the Motion Picture Industry.  Accordingly they run a yearly contest to publicize this unfortunate fact.

Since  it's timely, I wrote a bit about it yesterday.  Today we have the best part of this event for the picking over the well-dressed bones of the participants - whose dress was ridiculous; which acceptance speeches ran longer than the movies in which the actor appeared.  Gone forever, sadly, would seem to be the fun of spotting those who had overserved themselves (booze or drugs)  made an ass of themselves … good clean fun!  I miss that.

I did get one unwelcome surprise - I omitted Peter Fonda in the sad list of deceased in 2019/  I gasped when his name was called; because I didn't know he was dead.  He died age 79 of COPD from lung cancer.  My regrets and apologies to the Fonda family.

For my own amusement, I sent around a short poll to our friends who do like "the movies" or the theatre for that matter.  Only snagged two replies so far.

Questionnaire - If you are watching - Good show?
Loving them!

Response #1
Nope, watched the Black Hawks lose to Winnipego.  Sorry, not interested in the Oscars.  We never go to movies anymore.

Response #2
Always interesting.  A very different world indeed.  This year it is better and it is moving quickly - speeches are short and to the point.  YAY!

I do find it funny though to see and hear 50+ year old men thanking their mothers.
The dresses never disappoint.  I can only shake my head (with pleasure at how stupid some of them are.  A bit of side boob here; a dress you couldn't sit in if you tried ...

If more comment, will include their remarks.

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