Monday, February 3, 2020

Proud Mothers

Can you imagine the conversation during the Super Bowl in the box set aside for the Mamas of J. Lo, Kashira and Lady GaGa?

Lady Gaga's Mum studied her program with great interest - she was looking to see if publicity had put in her daughter GaGa's widely quoted  remark, "I better not hear no lip syncing."  Whether it was made as the Mamma Lion of the tribe about to perform on a stage that must have covered half of the field or just general dominance over the cubs is not known by this correspondent.

Shakira and J. Lo both performed with energy, Shakira at 43; J. Lo at age 50 (and looking a little portly for that costume.)

None of the prima donnas spared the cash for multitudes of back-up dancers, so many in fact that half of the time you needed to concentrate very carefully to even see "our star."  Even the mothers of these lesser performers  were probably unable to spot their own whelp  in the churning mass of people on stage.   Constant movement - to distract viewers from the … aging performers?  Off-stage outfit - sequined t-shirts that read Former Pop Tart?

BeyoncĂ© and JayZ - oft-mentioned by Michelle Obama as role models for the Obama's daughters - couldn't be bothered to stand up for the singing of our national anthem.  Volumes there; will desist.

Recap - it sure was 20 - 10 for a long time.  But finally it changed to 31 - 20 and happiness all over Missouri.  

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