Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The State of the Union

Pretty dismal based on House Leader Nancy Pelosi's manners during it.  Various friends have communicated re her thumbing madly through apparently her copy of the speech.  One said, "She's a drunk and lost her place in it!"  I wouldn't know if Pelosi is a teetotaler or the biggest sot on Capitol Hill.  I'm down here in So. Cal. not up in San Francisco trying to set Siri to find the free Poop Palaces.

I've read that is not uncommon for senior citizens to revert back to childhood.  She will be 80 years old March 26, 2020.  Perhaps a stressful life?  She and husband Paul have been married since 1963, a total of 57 years.  They have five children and any mother can tell you that's a houseful, even with help.

Flashing back to Miz Pelosi's appalling public demonstrations of How Not To Be, I find myself wondering if those five adult children still eat with their hands?

I wouldn't be surprised.

A quote from   When you can't impeach, tear up the speech.

Disclaimer:  This column is not meant politically; merely criticism for very childish behavior.

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