Saturday, February 15, 2020

Valentine's Dud 2020

A fleeting stab of jealousy yesterday.  Richie got a Valentine's Day e-card from his dentist.  Mine was conspicuous by his silence.  And I spent some $7,000 on a pair of root canals last year.  His Ferrari is damned near paid for by now.  You'd think a little gratitude ...

I fully expected a card for the cats Streak and Fred from their vet (the admirable Hermosa Animal Hospital) but nothing.  Their vet does send them birthday cards so you'd think ...

Happily Richie and I have each other.  "Let's go out to dinner" was a non-starter since the night before Valentines, the restaurants we would have selected were sold out with ominous warnings - "We will hold this reservation for you for 4 minutes and a clock of ever diminishing seconds.  That kind of veiled intimidation doesn't sit well with me,  So we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  "Ha!"

For actual Valentine's Day we elected to stay blissfully at home and exchange cards during our routine 5:30 p.m. G & T.

Our individual choices for cards are:  Richie is a sentimentalist.  Me the ruder the better.  I like "funny."

My card to him - a pair of graceful harbor seals or some other kind of marine life swimming in clearly a dance.  Flip it open it's a pop-up and the copy reads, "To my significant otter."

His card to me:
A Poem for My Wife

Sometimes we're crazy busy
All day, all week or more
With crazy-hurried mornings
That rush us out the door.

Our crazy schedule has us
running here and there
And when it comes to crazy things
I' say we've done our share!

.At times I drive you crazy
With the things I say or do
But you know I love our crazy life
And I'm crazy over you!

And he added this line - To my East, West, North and South with all of my love.

No Valentine's Day card is a lot better than the annual birthday cards from the Neptune Society.  That's happened to us both.

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