Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Royals and Showbiz

They didn't learn with Prince Edward who worked for Andrew Lloyd Weber's Really Useful Little production company  in order to indulge his love of show biz as a TV and film Producer and Presenter.  In 1987 he produced an exhibit of his design called "A Royal Knockabout" in which four teams of 12, under the leadership of one Royal per team competed to look more ridiculous than the other.  I give you one team, dressed up as human-sized vegetables throwing hams at one another.

Edward was apparently gently (or not so) turned away from a life in the theatre.  This was in June, 1987.

Now time passes and here comes another Child of Television.  Meghan Markle who clearly enchanted  Prince Harry.  Much like the Duke of Windsor, he has thrown away his kingdom (someday kingdom) for a woman.

Based on Comments in various columns of the Daily Mail the people seem evenly divided between "Aw, leave 'um be" and scorn of the highest magnitude.  

My point is this:  The Royal family knew she made a living as an actress.  Clearly no one remembered Prince Edward and his buddy Andrew Lloyd Weber.   Or the fact that "show biz" runs in the veins of performers.  You can't keep them off of a stage.

Detrimental nicknames I ran across courtesy of Comments.
Markles and Spencer - Marks and Spencer is a legendary department store.  It is affectionately called Marks and Sparks.

And this more telling … Cringe and Whinge (a reference to his frequent mentions of his late mother and his seven years in therapy due to her death.)  Will assume that "Cringe" is a reference to Meghan and her inherent entitled attitude.

If you hear any good ones, let fly!  .

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