Sunday, February 9, 2020

Spoiler Alert - Oscars

No, not Best Movie nor Best Actress - I don't have that kind of intelligence.  My guy at Price Waterhouse quit and moved to Rio where they don't have extradition.  He was doing rather too well at his low-paying job there and yet,  curioser and curioser, was swanning around town in a brand new Ferrari convertible and inviting friends for drinks at his new $5 million Beverly Hills mansion.

I've always liked the segment in the program that mentions that year's dead.  It seems nice to feature them at this awards show especially since Hollywood is as phony as you can get.  In a spirit of respect -

Oscar 2020 Shout Out to The 2019 Dead.

Kaye Ballard  93

Don Imus  79

Danny Aiello  86

(Rapper) Juice WRLD 21

Carroll Spinney 85 (voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch)

Diahnn Carroll  84

Eddie Money  70

Toni Morrison  88

Rip Torn  88

Tim Conroy  85

Gloria Vanderbilt  95

Doris Day  97

Peggy Lipton  72

Nipsey Hussle  33 (shot dead)

Luke Perry  52

Karl Lagerfield  85  His beloved cat Choupette inherited and lives on.

Sadly I knew of more of the people above than I have any idea of who is up for various awards.  I'd rather read than sit through any of the movies touted for an Oscar.

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