Saturday, February 22, 2020

And That's the Hard Part

No, not going to be a dissertation on herding cats or nailing Jell-0 to a tree or clearing out a stump with a pair of tweezers.

Not that you asked.  yesterday Richie and I had haircut appointments with Dale Snowberger, owner and proprietor of The Tonsorial Parlor of El Segundo, CA.  This is a modest distance from our house so I book appointments for both of us as a matter of convenience for all concerned.  And, sly note, I always book for around lunchtime; there are some good restaurants in El Segundo!

Yesterday, at the end of my trim, I asked Dale to take the little 1/4 in. clipper and use it to follow my part.  I have been having trouble with bed head and I rationalized, if the part was shaved in, that's at least half of the battle.  And it is!

This request goes back to a dental appointment when the surgery tech was sporting three very smart chevron marks through his left eyebrow.  I had wondered about the razor width never having seen a razor that cut that thinly.

Come to find out, this indelible (for awhile) permanent part dates back to Victorian times when soldiers found their helmets fit better with one.  And their hair looked smarter when they took the helmet off.  It continued to be popular from 1901 through 2000 and today, 20 years later is making a come back.

The illustrations (all men) seemed to be a highlight for another apparently popular cut called "the fade."  Above the ear, your hair "fades" into thick, lush crown hair.

I don't see any reason why a thick-haired woman can't enjoy a ready to go hard part.  And it certainly improves one's morning when all you have to is flick a wet comb through your hair, up pops the part and out the door you go.   A fade is optional for us ladies.  No thanks.

And when Dale offered to cut his name on the back of my head, I politely declined.  "Snowberger" would wind around my head several times!

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