Sunday, February 16, 2020

Newman's Own friend has joined him in the Hole In The Wall Gang.

A.E. Hotchner, writer, playwright, author and Friend of Papa (Hemingway) has died age 102.

Born in 1917, he would go on to forge a friendship with Paul Newman, born 1925,  and working together they created a spaghetti sauce licensed and labeled in 1982 as "Newman's Own" all proceeds going to charity.

Then they teamed up again in 1988 to create The Hole In That Wall Gang to benefit children here in the U.S., Ireland, France and numerous other locations.  Since both had a impish sense of humor, I would imagine that Ireland and France were included to guaranty tax-free travel "on business."

Newman died, aged 83, of lung cancer but both name products have gone on.  I would imagine that both projects are and continue to be so successful that they will not die away like their creators.

As one of a group of 20 writers, this is encouraging:  Hotchner published his last novel "The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Broom" in 2018 coming up on his 101st birthday.

Mah fellow writers, we must just keep on keeping on!

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