Monday, February 17, 2020

If You Love Statistics --

If you're worried about the Coronavirus, may I recommend a look at this Website: virus.  I'll save you some time and print what I gleaned.

Cases to date:  71,449
Deaths 1,776
Recovered:  11,425
Percentage of people who died from cases to date:  00.0248

Active cases - 58,248
Of them, mild cases 46,922 or 81 per cent
Serious cases 11,326  or 19 per cent
Closed cases - 11,425  87 per cent
Deaths - 1,776  13 per cent.

If you have a doctor's appointment, you will be asked if you have traveled to China.  I was and replied, "I haven't even been in a Chinese restaurant for 20 years or more - my husband doesn't like it."

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