Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Statistically Speaking ...

The dailymail.co.uk   is currently running a daily head count (so to speak) on cases of coronavirus and the number of people it has killed world wide.  A sample.

February 24, 2020
Cases reported:  79,732
Deaths in this group:  2,628
Or - and this is my calculation so you've been warned … I divided the lesser number by the larger number and of the above figures, the percentage for you getting it and dying is 0.0329604 per cent

February 25, 2020
Cases reported:  80,326
Deaths in this group:  2,705
Death percentage:  0.03367526

What are the known factors in death resulting.
Very great age
An existing disease
Overwhelming the host's immune system

ADD -   from the Land Down Under:  3 per cent death rate

I would add that if it is three percent; it's 97 per cent that don't die!

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